Mahabaleshwar and Tapola are two of the most fascinating destinations in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar with its panoramic view points by far is the most popular hillstation and weekend destination from cities like Pune and Mumbai and definitely doesnt require any introduction.

Tapola is an upcoming destination and is gaining popularity especially amongst water sports enthusiasts. The Shiv Saagar Boat club with water scooters, kayaking and boating to various picturesque location is a hot destination for water sports and also is the base for the trek to Vasota.
Hotel Shivneri - Tapola ' The Mini Kashmir '

Hotel Shivneri located just two minutes walk away from the Shiv Sagar Boat club is by far the best hotel in Tapola to arrange your accommodation in Tapola. With 11 spacious rooms of which 5 are air conditioned, a multi-utility hall and an in house restaurant and bar, Hotel Shivneri
Durwankur Cottage - Mahabaleshwar

One of the most economic accommodation options available in Mahabaleshwar - Durwankur Cottages provides comfortable and affordable stay in Mahabaleshwar. Conveniently located near the Mahabaleshwar market and less than half a kilometer from
restaurant and bar, Hotel Shivneri is well equipped to ensure you a comfortable stay in Tapola. Hotel Shivneri also provides boating services and arranges Vasota Trekking too. Prominently located in this small hamlet Hotel Shivneri, just a stones throw away from the Shiv Saagar Boat club is now more like a landmark in this small village -  Tapola.
from the Wilson Point (Sunrise Point) in Ganesh Nagar Housing Society, Durvankur Cottages provides clean and comfortable accommodation. With seven tastefully furnished cottage rooms  Durvankur cottages, is ideal for arranging stay for large families or groups in mahabaleshwar. All the rooms are provided with a television along with cable TV.
Hotel Shivneri - Tapola
Durwankur Cottage - Mahabaleshwar
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Durwankur Cottage
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Hotel Shivneri - Tapola
Durwankur Cottage - Mahabaleshwar
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